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I like her music and choreography a lot, but it’s too bad her tumbling hasn’t caught up yet.

Not as clean as usual, but it’s still a pretty awesome routine! I can’t wait to see more from her in the next few years!

Anonymous asked: who do you think will win classics for the juniors?

With Bailie and Laurie out, probably Nia Dennis (as long as she hits…)

Wow, that first series is awesome! (she kinda falls apart after that, but that’s okay, it’s just podium training)

So, the tumbling’s not very difficult or well-executed (which is okay, since I doubt they plan on using her on floor anyway) and I’m not crazy about the choreography, but she’s doing a really good job selling it.

Hmmm… the tumbling’s not as good as it could be and her performance is fairly robotic, but I think this will be a good routine for her once she starts putting a bit more emotion into it.

Anonymous asked: heyy, I'm curious, what happens when the gymnasts are on their periods?

(disclaimer: I got injured and had to quit gymnastics before I hit puberty, so I’m not speaking from personal experience here, just from what I’ve heard from my friends who still do gymnastics)

Most girls just use tampons since they aren’t visible when you’re wearing a leo (and you can hide the string), but I know some girls who wear (thin) pads or use a diva cup (another type of device that can stay in longer and is much less likely to leak than tampons). A lot of girls will also try to wear a black leo or shorts or leggings or something just in case.

A lot of people think that gymnasts don’t get their periods; there are a few who don’t because extreme amounts of exercise and not enough body fat can keep the body from menstruating, but it really is very uncommon and not very healthy, as it often leads to osteoporosis and is sometimes indicative of an eating disorder.