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Rebeca Andrade and her sassy Beyonce floor routine (x). She was opening with a DLO last year, so maybe she could add that again for higher difficulty.


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Anonymous asked: im 16 and i have um weight issues, im really passionate about this but im not sure if ill be accepted... what do you think?

Any gym worth going to will most definitely accept you. Adult/recreational classes are generally open to everyone. Again, don’t expect to go to the Olympics or anything, but your weight and age will in no way keep you from being able to enjoy the sport and it’s a great way to get exercise. Good luck!

amanaryouserious asked: To your anon asking about RG: It's definitely not "too late" to start rhythmic gymnastics, but after about age 8/9ish, it becomes more and more difficult to gain the extreme flexibility seen by the top rhythmic gymnasts, as flexibility declines with age. The "peak" years to achieve that extreme flexibility are roughly between ages 5 and 9, but it's not totally impossible to become very flexible later in life.

Thanks! I hope that helps.

Anonymous asked: I really like gymnastics but I am almost 12 is it too late to become a gymnast and make to the Olympics or become a rhythmic gymnast

In artistic gymnastics it’s unlikely, but not absolutely impossible (if I’m remembering correctly, Daiane Dos Santos didn’t start till she was 13). I don’t know for RG because I know barely anything about it… Either way though, there are much better reasons to do gymnastics than just to go to the Olympics. It teaches you lots of valuable life lessons, is great exercise, is a way to make amazing friends, and, of course, it’s really fun! 

teenyears100 asked: Is it too late to join gymnastics at 14?

No, not at all! You probably won’t become an Olympian or anything like that, but gymnastics is an amazing sport that can be fun for people at any age. Look on the websites of gyms in your area to see if they offer adult, teen, or some other kind of recreational class. Have fun!

Anonymous asked: will you do a predictions game for classics?

No, I’ll let people use classics to inform their predictions for nationals.