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Laney Madsen doing a quad Y turn!

Guys literally half of the gymternet was disgusted at this girl when she started training gymnastics now LOOK AT HER! She’s like HA HATERS SUCK ON MY QUADRUPLE Y

(no seriously Jenny and Howie are doing awesome work with her)


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  • Interviewer: Is Aliya Mustafina your most difficult student?
  • Alexandrov: I had to work with Boginskaya.




Eythora Thorsdottir’s lovely beam set from this weekends Hamburg Gymnastics competition, her first competition back after being out for a year due to injury


Can we acknowledge that the judges literally only looked down three times for the whole routine? They were like “gurl can you make some errors so I can feel important tho”

Anonymous asked: It makes me sad to read the interviews of the Chinese national team members, because they often say they haven't been home or seen their parents in several years (9! for Huang Huidan). I have a lot of respect for them for their dedication and understand why they often break down in tears when they fall, it must be enormous pressure to have their lives center just around training and sometimes even have their family and future depend on the money that they get from gold medals.


It’s very sad, but for some of them, if there isn’t gymnastics, when they become adults, they will have to leave home and work in a factory, where there’s 12 hour work shifts and very little vacation time. The end result of not being able to see their families is the same. 

It’s the reality of China’s underclass. 

We talk about the lack of depth in China right now, and I think it actually reflects positively on the current economic standing (as compared to China prior to early 90s). People are better off now and many don’t want to part with their child by sending him or her to do gymnastics at an elite level, thus the lack of depth. 

Eventually, China, too, will make the transition to a “club/local gym” system like the US, but we are not there yet because many in the poorer social class still depend on the national program for a way out of poverty (ie. people like Shang Chunsong.) Or in the case of Yao Jinnan (and Bai Yawen to some degree), she showed so much physical potential that her parents thought it was better than making her go to a regular school and face the hyper-competitive GaoKao. (ie. Suffer a bit of hardship in training now instead of later in life as a non-skilled worker without an university degree)



PHENOMENAL. PHENOMENAL. PHENOMENAL. SPEECHLESS. SPEECHLESS. SPEECHLESS. Please do yourself a favor and watch this routine now!  Anastasia Grishina of Russia.

How did she cope when she realised she had just done the most perfect routine it is possible to do and will only ever be trying to recapture it for the rest of her career? It’s just incredible. I want her back.

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Svetlana Khorkina | Moscow World Cup 1992

QUEEN OF GAINERS! Also Sveta in Soviet leotards gives me life. Btw I always hoped that she would perform that gainer layout full sometime at a Worlds/Olympics. Maybe one of the million times she fucked up like: I have already fallen, how worse can this go, yolo?

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gabby is going to camp next week

aly is going to camp next week

simone is going to seriously train the tty and the moors

sam peszek is going to do the standing full again